italo muniz


SeoRosa, a traditional restaurant with 20+ years of existence,

sensed the urge to revamp its identity, which felt very

inadequate and inaccurate according to its owners.

One of the requests of the client was that the main logo

remained unchanged, due to its ‘legacy’ and recognition.

The “Waiter” figure gained new visual explorations to

adapt its uses to new media and formats.

Brand Identity | Art Direction | Logo Redesign | Motion Design


Part of the process started with the definition of a new branding,

defining the core values, verbal identity and brand strategy for the company and from there on, working towards a new visual identity. 

During the branding strategy, the core values of the restaurant were

defined as: friendly, exclusive, genuine & campineiro (demonym

for the inhabitants of the city that the restaurant is located, Campinas).

With those in mind, four icons were created to visually synthesize

them and then the mosaic was born.